Friday, March 4, 2022

Logic Puzzle, Supposedly from Einstein...

 ... but there's no evidence for that. The puzzle originally had folks smoking cigarettes. Yuck. I've changed that to eating candy.

The situation:
  • There are 5 houses in five different colors.
  • In each house lives a person with a different nationality.
  • These five people drink a certain beverage, eat a certain candy, and keep a certain pet.
  • No one has the same pet, eats the same kind of candy, or drinks the same beverage.  

The question is: Who owns the fish?
  • the Brit lives in the red house
  • the Swede has a dog
  • the Dane drinks tea
  • the green house is on the left of the white house
  • the green house's owner drinks coffee
  • the person who snarfs M&Ms has birds
  • the owner of the yellow house loves peanut butter cups
  • the person living in the center house drinks milk
  • the Norwegian lives in the first house
  • the person who adores Heath bars lives next to the one who keeps cats
  • the person who has a horse lives next to the peanut butter cup lover
  • the person who eats Snickers bars drinks beer
  • the German eats Almond Joys
  • the Norwegian lives next to the blue house
  • the person who eats Heath bars has a neighbor who drinks water

[There is one thing that's unclear: Is "the first house" the one on the left of the bunch? I assumed that. Apparently, you can assume that it's on the right end, and according to Wikipedia, you'll get the same answer. I haven't explored that.]

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