Games are to math as picture books are to reading - a delightful starting point. If you want to have fun with math, games are a great way to start.

Card Games
  • Blink! (Named Blink because the game goes that fast. Match the pattern, color, or number.)
  • Set (Slower, deeper thinking, and just as addictive.)
  • Spot It (Not a math game, but a love of card and board games is likely to spill over into math.)

Board Games
  • Blokus (Helps build spatial reasoning skills.)
  • Katamino (Turns pentomino puzzles into a two-person game, and provides a wealth of puzzles from simple to the original killer puzzle - put all 12 pieces into a rectangle.)
  • Quarto (Get four in a row, without giving your opponent a winning piece.)
  • Connect Four
  • Don't forget chess and go 
  • Our favorite non-mathy board games include Dizios and FlipOut
  • Make your own board game...

  • Tangrams (Tangoes makes a nice set.)
  • Shut the Box (Looks boring to me, but kids love it.)
  • Rush Hour (Get the red car out of the lot. These are such fun logic puzzles.)
  • Chocolate Fix (The realistic candies add to the fun of these logic puzzles.)
  • Perplexus

Building Toys
  • Citi Blocs (aka Kapla blocks or Keva blocks)
  • Polydrons
  • Origami

Instructional Games
  • Math Card War (free, uses playing cards)
  • Equate (board game, plays like Scrabble, using numbers and operations)

Online Games & Apps

John Golden's Games page is much more comprehensive.
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