Friday, April 17, 2009

Math Teachers at Play #5, and ...

Yesterday and today I attended the Great Circles workshop being hosted by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Berkeley. It was marvelous! I'll write up my thoughts about it as soon as I can. (I hope to include links to lots of exciting sites, mention some research on gender issues in math, and mention some books I discovered while there.)

Today marks the 5th Math Teachers at Play blog carnival, posted at Let's Play Math! I didn't submit anything this time, but Denise included my Students Learning Through Teaching post. I guess she must have liked it. Personally, it feels too experimental for me to want to promote it yet. Will it help my students? I'm not sure. What do you think?


  1. i think it's great.

    and in fact, i'm here in the middle
    of editing a post to that effect
    into *my* blog (here).

    i very seldom watch videos
    and probably won't look at
    much of this stuff either.
    i saw a few seconds of one
    just on general principle.

    my students don't talk
    when they write out
    calculations at the board either.
    never mind turn around and
    go for the "eye contact".

    which is actually good for us.
    proves we've learned something
    along the way.

    anyhow, i've been patting myself
    on the back a little bit in my own blog
    just for having student volunteers
    working at the blackboard at all.

    you-tubing their fellow students
    right out on the web for all to see
    is a whole different level
    of student involvement
    (or so it seems to me)
    and if i was you i'd be kvelling bigtime.

    putting a book together, too, i see.
    looks like this'll be one interesting blog.

  2. Thanks! I've looked at your blog, and would love to chat. I see no way of sending you email. You can contact me at suevanhattum at hotmail etc. (Will I now get lots more junk mail from spambots, oh no?!)

  3. I like experimental posts. I think it helps for teachers to throw ideas like this back and forth. It's inspiring, even for those of us who don't try that particular idea.


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