Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Unfortunate Skirmish in the 'Math Wars'

Does anyone have more information on this?

Lawsuit filed over Seattle schools math curriculum


  1. There was a post a while back on the Core Knowledge blog about this. You should check out the comments over at Kitchen Table Math's post - not a blog that's usually on my reading list, but they are certainly engaged on this issue...

  2. A seattle PI report on the case:

    Home page for the series from Key Curriculum Press. Includes sample chapters.

    The weird thing is that it's really a middle of the road series. Usual stuff plus some investigations students can do. Not as different as Core Plus or IMP (both of which I like a lot).

  3. I know, I like using the Discovery series to supplement the books the district has - and taught my daughter Algebra with them.

  4. I read Director Harium's blog, though I don't participate. Here is a "math adoption thread" he started four months ago.

    I think he is on the Board of Education there. You get a sense of the tone. Also, there are archives, going back far enough to be interesting.


  5. You may also be interested in this post about text-book battles in Spokane.

  6. Thanks for all the links, folks. I guess I have my homework cut out for me now. ;^)

  7. One last link - a school board adopting the 'controversial curriculum.'


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