Sunday, November 6, 2011

Register Soon for the 2012 MCC Math & Technology Workshop

This is such a good deal. If it were double the cost, it would still be a great deal. Maria Andersen runs great workshops. The only downside for me was that it was too much too fast. (If I could go again next summer, I definitely would, so I could absorb more of what's on offer.) I loved learning how to use technology more effectively in math class, and highly recommend this.

The 5th annual MCC Math & Technology Workshop will be August 6-10, 2012. Registration ... will begin at Noon EDT on November 9... (register fast, this usually books in less than one week). ... The registration fee is $160 (includes lunch and snacks), and hotel runs $69.99 per night (+tax) with free breakfast and wi-fi. Transportation to/from airports, hotel, and workshop site can be provided.

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