Thursday, January 24, 2013

89 interesting Physics Problems

I found this on Patrick Honner's blog. The pdf cannot be saved or printed. So I need to save its address. Thus this short post.
This pdf gives the first 89 problems from the book 200 Puzzling Physics Problems, by Gnadig, Honyek & Riley: ples/cam034/00053005.pdf  (No solutions included.)

Patrick says, "The problems here are simple to state, but seem to get at profound mathematical and physical ideas."


  1. Sue,

    I didn't have any trouble saving the PDF (I use Chrome), but it does seem like printing is disabled.

    Not that that ever stopped anyone.

    1. I'm using Firefox, on a Mac. If Chrome makes the difference, maybe that's a reason to switch, although it could be something else. For me, pdf's come up in the Preview program. I use 'export' to save. (I don't know exactly when I had to start doing that - it's so weird that it doesn't have the usual 'save' and 'save as'.) That, print, and duplicate all ask for a password. (I just checked to make sure that doesn't happen for other pdf's. It doesn't.)


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