Friday, February 1, 2013

Resource: Math Relax!

At least a quarter of my students would say they have test anxiety, and blank on tests. I think many of them haven't figured out yet how to study effectively, and don't really know as much as they had hoped when they walk into a test. But there are likely still quite a few who really do know the material but get overcome by their anxiety.

About 15 years ago, I decided to create a resource for these students. I had read a great book, by Margo Adair, on creating guided visualizations, and was ready to apply the ideas to this common problem. I used music that I may or may not have had a right to use. When I came to my current college, they were concerned about that. So I re-recorded my guided visualization with beautiful flute music that my colleague, Wayne Organ, composed just for this, and then played. He also provided the studio and all the technical expertise for recording.

Back then I was burning copies of this on cd's for my students. (It was and is too big to send as an email attachment.) One day a few years back I heard two students talking in the math lab. One was telling the other about this cd she had called Math Relax, and how much it had helped her. I felt like I was in a dream - it sounded like a commercial for what I'd made. I stuck my head out the door and said I had created that, but I guess she was embarrassed - she didn't react much.

Eventually, I put it on my blog. I'd like to have it out in a more public spot, and YouTube seems like the place. But that needs visuals. Last week a student of mine offered to help me with some of my projects, as a volunteer. Wow!  He has put together some photos (creative commons) and made my sound track into a video.

So ... Math Relax is now available on YouTube!

And here it is ...


Voice: Sue VanHattum
Flute music: Wayne Organ
Applied Meditation Concepts: Margo Adair
Script: Sue VanHattum
Recording Studio: Contra Costa College

Photo Montage arranged by J. Selke
Preliminary Release: Muskegon Community College
Tested by: students at Muskegon Community College and Contra Costa College

If you use Math Relax, please read this added information.

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