Friday, May 1, 2009

Math Teachers at Play #6 and Numbers

Math Teachers at Play #6 is up! Over at I Want to Teach Forever.

And here's a conversation I had with my son (6yo) a few minutes ago, right after he woke up:

Me: I'm up to 500 (hits on my blog). I guess now I'll be waiting for 1000.
He: What's a thousand?
Me: (Huh? How do I answer that?) Umm, it's ten hundreds.
He: That's 500 more.
Me: Yep.
He: Ten is just like a hundred, except a hundred is ten times bigger.
Me: (Big grin.)

I love it! And he's no more brilliant than all the other kids who haven't yet been shut down by schooling.

So, I'm thinking my blog hits are growing exponentially. Maybe after I hit a thousand, I could make a chart. Eventually it'll flatten out and be logistic, huh? Anyone else watching how their numbers grow?


  1. I think "watching the stats" is a game that bloggers never grow tired of! Though it's not quite as exciting after it levels out---but then, there's the occasional "spike" from a blog carnival or something, just to keep us coming back and checking...

  2. My daughter and I chart everything. She's dyscalculic, so wouldn't ever have said what your son just did (me, either actually, lol) but she loves watching growth and rate of change. So, we chart! I think the visual aspect of it helps her put the abstract together.

    What a sweet math discussion you had with your son. short and sweet. It would take elementary school 6 months to drive that home, lol.

  3. I've met plenty of people with math teacher parents who didn't like math, so it's been made clear to me that it's important not to push it.

    My son and I just play with it. For a few months, at bedtime, he was asking me to give him subtraction problems. I'd say what's ten take away 6, and he'd figure it out and ask for another. :> Sometimes I'd mess up and ask him one that was too hard, and he'd get mad. ;>

    My son loves playing with Geometer's Sketchpad. I wonder if your daughter would like that, since it's a visual sort of thing. (It's a bit on the expensive side, though. As a teacher, I wanted the standard that most people use, but there are other programs like it that might be just as good.)


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