Saturday, October 24, 2009

Contest: Write a number story by Wednesday

The Math Teachers at Play blog carnival came out twice as #15. Since then we've had #16 and #17. We'd like to iron out the numbering, and so the upcoming issue will be #19.

I am personally sponsoring a contest for the best little (ie, very short) story written about how the numbers got mixed up this way. The winner gets their story included in the next MTaP, which comes out here on Friday, and gets a $10 gift certificate at Better World Books. I get to be the judge. :^) It could be funny, mysterious, intriguing, whatever will be memorable.

Deadline: Midnight (PST) on Wednesday

Why? Partly to have fun with our glitch, partly to 'make math our own' as Maria Droujkova likes to say. And partly because I came to math on the internet through 'living math' - Julie Brennan's (trademarked) term for math through stories, and for the list she runs for mostly homeschoolers and the site she maintains with gazobs of ideas for how to engage kids in mathematical thinking through math stories and finding math in any story.


  1. Send to mathanthologyeditor on the gmail system. ;^)

  2. Is this my fault? Well, at least we got a contest out of it!

  3. We get to be math teachers at play! :^)


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