Thursday, December 3, 2009

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  • Would you like your best blog post ever (BBPE) to be in a book?
  • Will you still be blogging in a year or two, when people are reading your BBPE in that book?
If you write about teaching or learning math, or about how people learn, and you said yes to those questions, then send me a link to your BBPE.

I'm working on a book with the (way too long) current working title of Learning Math Outside the Classroom and In: Stories from Math Circles, Homeschoolers, and the Internet. I don't have a publisher yet, but about 15 authors are working with me, each writing a chapter about the cool stuff they're doing. It's moving a bit more slowly than I'd expected (not surprising), but it keeps looking better all the time!

The book will have 5 sections:
• Math Circles, Clubs, Centers, Festivals, and Salons
• Homeschoolers and Unschoolers Do Math
• The Internet is Changing Our Lives: Teaching, Learning, and Doing Math with New Resources
• Classrooms
• Issues: Race, Gender, Gifted Kids, Public Policy (etc)

The internet section will have a few in-depth chapters, but I recently realized that 'chapters' won't do it justice. We need a compilation of BBPE. I'll be going through old editions of Math Teachers at Play, but you can save me the effort of digging out your gems by sending them in. If you're on my blogroll, you probably have a post that would work. Please don't be shy.

If you'd like to point me to anything else that ought to be in this book, I'd be delighted. If you'd like to write a chapter, that may still be possible. (I do not have enough material for the classrooms section yet.)

Email me at mathanthologyeditor on gmail etc. with links, comments, questions, and ideas.

[The fine print: A few authors have asked who gets the money. All authors of full chapters, including me, will equitably split any profits, but profits are minimal for books like this. No one is expecting to make much money, if any. It's glory for math that we're after.]


  1. (Posts without many links are best.)

  2. Thanks for offering, Owen!

    I should also have said, "Posts that would fit nicely on one page of a book are best."

    I looked through your posts, and here are 3 that I'd like better:
    And Into The Black
    It’s Not The Cheat, It’s The Futility
    Quadratic Formula Lore

    (Although the last has lots of links, it still reads well without them, and readers could be directed to the web for the fuller treatment the links would give.)

    Are there others you like? Would one of these be good?

    [All three of these look like they might take two pages. If you have a really good one that's a bit shorter, that'd be great.]


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