Saturday, February 13, 2010

Math Poetry Wiki!

My poetry challenge got more comments than any previous post on this blog. And the poems people wrote are quite delightful - much too delightful to be buried in the comments. So I set up a wiki. I've gotten permission to repost their work from a few of the authors, but not all. Please let me know if you'd rather not have your work posted there, and I can just put a link instead.

I'd love to have one poem show up on the home page, in some rotation. Does anyone know of a way to make that happen?

It took me until today to respond to my own challenge. Here's what I came up with:

The Pleasure of Struggling

I can’t get this.
It doesn’t make sense.
What are they talking about?

I will never get this.
It’s crazy.



If I put this with this…


Oh my!
Look at that!
How cool!

May I have another, please?

On re-reading this, I see it doesn't have to be about math. But it is. ;^)

Your turn! Write a poem, and add it to the Math Poetry Wiki.


  1. a grandmaster once wrote
    something similar about
    green eggs and ham.
    (i like yours too.
    brevity the soul of wit
    and all.)
    i mentioned the wiki
    in MEZB today. looks great! ot

  2. I added a new page to the math poetry wiki today. JoAnne Growney has published a book of her poems called My Dance Is Mathematics and helped edit a book of math poems called Strange Attractors. Check it out.


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