Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's a link kind of day.

John Spencer has a good way to think about one of the troubles with textbooks and other imposed curricula.

Rebecca Zook tells how talking about fractions "the Chinese way" helped one student learn and like fractions better.

For John Conway fans, his recipe for success. Thanks, Tanya!

Science Teacher quotes Diane Ravitch, who spoke on Democracy Now (transcript down the page). Here's another Ravitch quote:
The Obama administration appointed somebody from the NewSchools Venture Fund to run this so-called “Race to the Top.” The NewSchools Venture Fund exists to promote charter schools. So, what we’re seeing with the proliferation—with this demand from the federal government, if you want to be part of this $4 billion fund, you better be prepared to create lots more charter schools.
And the discussion over at Kate's f(t), about how to convince folks of the right answer to the 3 door problem, is great.

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