Monday, September 6, 2010

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Maria Droujkova has started up a new version of her blog. It's now called Math Accent. She's including video every day. I've just read all the posts, and it's exciting. (I haven't watched any of the videos yet, because my son is sleeping. But I'll watch them soon.) I especially like her post on math as its own context, which relates to a discussion we're having over at Dan's blog (comments 21 to 28).

There's a new blog carnival about Standards-Based Grading.  (I wish this idea/philosophy had a different name...) SBG Grading Gala #2 was posted today at Always Formative (Jason Buell).  I missed contributing because it wasn't quite on my radar. If you're interested in changing the way you grade, as a way to improve your teaching, check it out.

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