Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Toys & Games: Perplexus & Trango

When I go to Michigan to visit my family and friends there, I always stop by Mackinaw Kites and Toys in Grand Haven. They have the best game selection I've ever seen, and always have lots of interesting games and puzzles out, with salespeople ready and eager to demonstrate.

This time I got another set of Katamino for our friends up north (whose daughter loved it), a 3D puzzle for the boy I tutor (it reminds me of Rubik's cubes, which he loves), a magnetic monkey jumping toy which my son is enjoying, and Perplexus, which my son and I are both puzzling over. Perplexus is a clear plastic ball with an amazing 3D pathway inside that you try to keep the ball traveling along on. Because it involved eye-hand coordination, my son is better at it than I am. He likes that.

My brother got my son a game called Trango. My son hasn't played it yet, but I played it with our friends up north, and enjoyed it. Each turn you play either 2 or 3 pieces, according to the roll of the die, by connecting them to the other pieces already played. You get points every time you make one of the 4 shapes shown on the box (triangle, hexagon, chevron, and spade). You can add one piece to a patch already on the board and get points for the new shape you made. Playing this really got us looking for shapes.


  1. Yes, We just got Trango too. It is the most "one more game" game I have played ever. So simple to learn but we are still discovering new strategies. I would like to play while the kids are at school.....Trango online in the near future? LOL I don't think I would ever get anything done!

  2. Thanks for the glowing review, that might just help me push to play more. My son isn't very into strategy games.

    He got another game for xmas that he loves playing; it's called Would you Rather? Lots of choices between having to do one gross thing or another.

  3. I got Tantrix for Christmas. I think the rec came from here. Enjoying it,especially because its flexible. I can play solitaire or with others and it's a fun but different game.

  4. I should pull that out again. I haven't played with it enough to get addicted. ;^)

    [I don't remember writing about it, and searching my blog shows nothing. Maybe I mentioned it on someone else's blog?]

  5. I have never played these two games, but it sounds very interesting, maybe I will try it for Christmas.


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