Monday, February 14, 2011

Math + Hearts

Everyone else celebrates Valentine's Day today; my son and I celebrate Family Day. I adopted my son 8 years ago today; it was pretty exciting to finally become a mama (at 46) on Valentine's Day.

Check out these mathematical Valentines. I won't have time today to recreate the one I made years ago on an early HP computer with a plotter, but it used trig functions, and zigzagged up and down from one point to the next (odd-numbered points were something like 10% bigger than even-numbered points) for a somewhat lacy effect. You could do that in Scratch, I bet.

Maybe I'll get to edit this all day. Here's David Cox with Geogebra. And here's Vi Hart with Mobius Hearts.


  1. I didn't know you were a family by adoption?! Us, too. And congratulations!!!! ;)

  2. Thanks. I don't talk about my son so much on this blog. (I set up another blog where I feel freer to write anything I feel like writing, but I haven't written there recently - too busy. And I never say my son's name there, either. Nor post photos. He's a pretty private person, and I want to be sure to honor that.)

    I moved from my home state of Michigan back to California for the second time, because the town I was in there was too conservative, and I wasn't going to be able to adopt as a lesbian.

    I adopted as a single parent, and have been a very happy mama.


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