Saturday, April 30, 2011

Richmond Math Salon - Last Session of the Season!

photo by Roy Robles
If you live in the California Bay Area,  you may want to join me next Saturday from 2 to 5pm for my monthly math salon.

I have games like Rush Hour, Quarto, Set, Blink, and Blokus; puzzles like tangrams and pentominoes; math toys like Polydrons and Perplexus; and resources that parents like to look at. Typically, kids and parents play with a game or puzzle until everyone has arrived, and then we come together to try out the activity of the month.

This month I'll be telling a story (a take-off on the Greek story of Icarus) to go with a game that I've used with kids before. Kids love playing with it, and get lots of arithmetic practice thrown in for good measure. This game is part of an open problem in mathematics.  I'll also be bringing in a few other puzzles related to unsolved problems in math.

Email me at suevanhattum on the warmer mail system* if you're interested.

*My attempt at foiling the spambots.

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