Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summertime, and the Livin' Is Easy

Ahh, what a relief to be done. I felt a bit overwhelmed this year. Once that feeling sets in, I don't have much energy for being creative. But the semester is over, the grades are pretty much turned in, and just like every year, I've already started thinking about what I'd like to do in my classes this fall. Two are repeats from this semester, and will get some small tweaks. The third class, Pre-calculus, is one I haven't taught for a few years, so I'm looking for lots of good material for it. Those RISPs I mentioned yesterday are a great starting point. But I'll be hunting for more.

I also got this crazy idea a few weeks ago that I'd like to put out a weekly math gazette, with copies available in our department each Monday. I've been working on the first issue today. There's so much I want to tell new students each semester, and I thought this would be a fun format for all that. In between planting a few flowers and veggies, I put this first draft together. What do you think?

Issue Number 1, August 15, 2011

(Yes, most of it repeats things I've written here, but I feel pretty confident there aren't many of my new students reading my blog.)


  1. I would love to help you, but don't have access to the document.

  2. Did you maybe mean to publish it and instead linked to the editing link?

  3. I guess that's probably what I did, John. The link worked for me, so I thought it would work for everyone. I've changed to the link google says to use.

    Thanks for your interest. Try it now.

  4. link took me to a pdf in google will you ge the link to your students? blog? the eternal questions is will kids read it..sounds like a great idea

  5. It's meant to be on paper. That's why there are no links in the pdf (all site references are just typed out).

    Should I try to format it to look good on phones? Should I facebook it? I won't do either of those at first, but I can think about it for later.


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