Thursday, June 9, 2011

Seymour Papert...

... wrote Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas. For years and years, I kept hearing about it, and thinking I should read it. Why did it take me until last year to do that? I think I didn't expect it to be as deep as it was. Maybe I thought it would focus on computers too much. It doesn't. It's more about how we learn. I was so excited when I read it, I immediately bought another book of his, The Children's Machine, also excellent (though Mindstorms was better, I think).

I blogged about Mindstorms just after reading it last year. Maybe it's time to re-read it. Unfortunately, my copy is lent out to a friend. But now I can get a daily dose of Papert from The Daily Papert. Upon discovering the Daily Papert, Pat pointed out a conversation between Papert and one of my heroes, Paulo Freire. What a delight!

If you prefer your reading in more concentrated doses than the Daily Papert provides, you can just go to this archive of articles Papert has written.

Seymour Papert was in a tragic accident in December 2006. While in Hanoi for a conference, he was hit by a motorbike and suffered a severe brain injury. There is hope he will eventually recover, but he hadn't yet as of July of 2008. Here's the news article from then. (Nothing more recent online.)  I'm wishing him well.

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  1. Catching up on blog reading and read your post on Papert. One of my heroes as well. My life was changed after hearing Seymour speak at Teachers College in NYC in 1980 (I still have the flyer). At the time Mindstorms was hot off the press. What an amazing read that was! I've read it 6 or 7 times over the years. Always learning something new. Ive read his other books and my favorite is the Connected Family which came out in 1996. What a visionary he was/is. BTW- The L in CLIME stands for Logo. Back in 1988 CLIME was started at an NCTM conf to promote his work in math ed. He never was invited to speak at an NCTM event. He was considered too radical. Imagine that.


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