Thursday, July 14, 2011


I got a bunch of invitations to google+ recently, and deleted them. I hate having to think about another new way of dealing with the internet. Then I read a post written by The Daring Librarian, added her blog to my reader, and read the review of google+ (and comparison to Facebook) she linked to.

I'm on Facebook but I don't care for it. I don't like the 40 character limit on updates, and I don't like that the only way to connect to someone is to 'friend' them. I also don't like following every comment from every person I've 'friended'. I think google+ will work better for me, though I'll stay on Facebook for now. Instead of 'friending', you add a person to one (or many) of your 'circles'. I created a circle called 'math buds' and have about 15 people in that circle already.

I'm hoping everyone I'd like to connect with will be on g+ soon.


  1. I was just recently invited to Google+, too. I'm looking forward to connecting with friends and people who share my interests using the circles. Circles will make it easier to keep conversations relevant.

    If you'd like another math buddy, please add me to your circle.

  2. Hi Shari, I followed your highlighted name here to your blog, and subscribed. But I don't know how to find you on g+. If you find me and connect up then I can connect up with you.

    Sue VanHattum

  3. Hi, Sue. We need each other's email addresses in order to add each other on Google+. My Google username is RainbowCollage.

  4. hmm, I can't figure out how to use that. I'm mathanthologyeditor on gmail, and on g+, I'm Sue VanHattum aka Math Mama.


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