Sunday, October 21, 2012

Seeking Math-Poets for a Reading (JMM, 1-11-13)

JoAnne Growney just posted this on her blog (Intersections - Poetry with Mathematics):

Call for Readers:
     The Journal of Humanistic Mathematics will host a reading of poetry-with-mathematics at the annual Joint Mathematics Meetings (JMM) on Friday, January 11, 5-6:30 PM in Room 1B, Upper Level, San Diego Convention Center.  If you wish to attend the reading and participate, please send,  by December 1, 2012 (via e-mail, to Gizem Karaali ( up to 3 poems that involve mathematics (in content or structure, or both) -- no more than 3 pages -- and a 25 word bio.
There's more at her post, check it out.

I'll be co-hosting this event, and would love to meet you there. (I hope to read a poem or two of my own. I'd better get my submission in.)

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