Monday, November 5, 2012

Factor Diagrams

A while back I reviewed You Can Count on Monsters, a delightful book showing monsters built from the prime factorizations of each number 2 through 100. (1 is in the book, but is sad, since it can't be made from primes.)

There are now lots of other takes on this idea. Brent, at The Math Less Traveled, made some gorgeous factor diagrams back in early October. When he posted them, many of his readers took them as inspiration to do more. One made a factor tango. Brent was then inspired to  improve on his own diagrams.  Here's a partial picture of what's he done:

He says he'll be making posters and t-shirts. I think this would make a great poster for a math classroom. Maybe I'll get copies for some of my colleagues.

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  1. Oooh, I ran across this stuff in the last day or two and it's been super inspiring. Tomorrow I'll be posting about a game I just made up using these dot patterns. I'm inordinately excited about how much better I understand primes and factorization thanks to these diagrams.


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