Saturday, December 1, 2012

Math Girls 2 and Differentiating

Last year, I posted a review of Math Girls, by Hiroshi Yuki. I just discovered that Math Girls 2: Fermat's Last Theorem is coming out on December 12th. The first two chapters are available online, and look just as good as the first book. I love Pythagorean Triples, and that's the topic of the second chapter.

I also wanted to mention the cool math teacher in the book. I like how he offers his best students some personal challenges.

Mr. Muraki was our math teacher. He had taken a liking to us, and would regularly slip us index cards with all sorts of interesting math problems. They rarely had anything to do with our classwork, which made for a refreshing change of pace. We always looked forward to what he would come up with next.
I like this. I think I'll try to do it next semester.

I'll write a more complete review once I've managed to read the whole thing.

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