Monday, June 3, 2013

Math Videos: Vi is already an influence on others!

So there was this contest called Math-O-Vision put on by Dartmouth, that I never heard about until it was over. (I'm glad I heard about Mathagogy's initiative in time.) They invited high school students to create videos "at most four minutes in length telling original stories inspired by mathematics".

I learned of the contest just before the winners were announced. They were highlighting the finalists at that time, and I loved this video by Emily Griffith (which got a third place award). I wonder if she lost points for adopting Vi Hart's style? I may biased, having seen this video before the others, but I like it better than the top two - I think because both of those felt like commercials for math, and I'm more interested in the details of playing with math.

I had a bit of fun playing with listening to this and a Vi Hart video at the same time.

Check out all the winning videos at the Math-O-Vision site.

Sounds like they'll be doing the contest again next year. I will let the high school students in my classes* know.

*Middle College High School is based within Contra Costa College, where I teach. I often have a number of high school students in my courses.

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  1. Hey Sue,

    We've launched Math-O-Vision 2014 and we'd love if you could announce it on your blog! Your readers and any high school students can find info on our website at and our Facebook page at



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