Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Playing With Geometry

The Math Monday Blog Hop, at the love2learn2day blog, has a theme each week. This week, it's Geometry. At community college, we don't teach geometry as a course - not surprisingly, I feel it's my weakest area in math. So I love playing with games, puzzles, and problems that stretch me geometrically.

A Game
My favorite geometry puzzle/game is Katamino, which makes a two-player game out of pentominoes (I blogged about it here). I love the beautiful wood pieces. (I can't tell if the newer versions are wood or plastic. I recommend trying to find the wood.) Playing with this will work your visualization skills.

A Puzzle
Online, I recently stumbled on a site which offers 40 challenge problems in compass and straightedge geometry, implemented in an online puzzle.

Some Problems
I've recently come to love the Five Triangles blog, where mostly geometric problems are posted a few times a week. Their problems often challenge me to think in slightly new directions.

What's your favorite way to play with geometry?

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