Tuesday, February 25, 2014

One Good Thing: A Student Who Learned to Think

There's a blog called One Good Thing, where teachers tell about something good from their day with students, that has often provided me with sweet bits of inspiration. Maybe I'll ask to be added to their set of authors. For now, I'll share here...

After my calculus class, as I headed through the halls back to my office, a student from last semester said hi, and we stopped to talk. He told me that I had taught him to think, and that he was acing his next math course (Finite Math), which felt like a breeze to him after pre-calc. He said he had learned to question everything. He had been struggling in my course, and suddenly it all clicked during the final, and he earned a B on it.

He said at first he thought I wasn't such a good teacher, because he had been confused by the way I left things open. It took a while for him to understand that I was trying to get them to think about why things work.

He said that he's doing better in all his classes, that I changed his life!

Wow! I needed to write this down so I can read it on days that I don't remember how much I can do for students. I told him he had made my day.

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