Sunday, April 20, 2014

Linkfest for Sunday, April 20 (a small one)

  • Nat Banting on making practice more conceptual - ask students to do the last step in posing the problem. Nice!
  • Andrew Knauft descrbies why he thinks Geogebra > Desmos.
  • A site for finding, building, and storing formulas online, Formula Sheet. (hat tip to Glenn Waddell, whose diigo account may have inspired me to get one - which I don't use. Maybe I should ask him to teach me how to make it useful. I love his real posts, but his Diigo Links (Weekly) are often full of useful ideas too.)
  • Malke wonders whether lack of recess (and the movement it encourages) is taking away children's ability to make sense with their bodies.

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