Sunday, August 25, 2019

Another Semester, Starting with Good Intentions

My handouts are copied, the piles are organized on my desk. My rosters are printed. (I entered student names into excel, so I can organize things my way.) I've looked over my computer folders and found a few more things to share tomorrow. And I'm getting better at using Canvas' features - I plan to have students evaluate the new activities online, to help me decide whether each activity stays, goes, or gets improved.

Will I manage to set up a new student survey in Canvas for each new activity?
Will I blog about my classes, like I'd like to?
Will I do more activities and less lecture in each class?

Once the semester gets rolling, it's hard for me to change things up. It's so much easier to do what I have done before. May my passion keep me improving, all through the term.

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