Friday, December 8, 2023

Illustrating Althea

I'm not much good at drawing, but most of the illustrations in Althea and the Mysteries of Triangles, Circles, and Pi are math work. I can do those. So I've put my own illustrations into the manuscript as placeholders. There will be a professional illustrator, later.

This past week, I was looking for where more illustrations are needed. I decided Althea would draw a map of California while thinking about their summer trips. So I drew it. Their home is in Berkeley, they go to camp in Quincy, and they're planning a trip to San Diego to visit Legoland (because her younger brother Rudy would love that, and their moms met in San Diego).

I had fun drawing the map. First I downloaded a map of California into goodnotes, as the template for my document. Then I outlined it, and then changed the template to make the original fancy map go away. Finally, I got to add the places of interest to Althea.

As one friend on facebook pointed out, it would help to make the line weights different for the outline versus the routes she's imagining. The professional illustrator can either take care of that, or show me how it will work best for the published book.

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