Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing With Math, the Facebook Page

I've set up Playing With Math as a page on Facebook, to report little bits of progress on the book. Today I posted that:
This morning I worked on a chapter I hope to include from Rodi Steinig, who blogs at Talking Stick Learning Center. I'm taking bits from a number of her posts, and highlighting her mindfulness practice. I love what she does!
Of course Facebook includes a nice little picture of her last post, which I can't figure out how to easily reproduce here.

I'm going to try to post updates every few days there. Check it out if you'd like to follow the progress of Playing With Math: Stories from Math Circles, Homeschoolers, and Passionate Teachers.


  1. Strange, I've "liked" the FB page a while back, but I haven't received any updates since. I just went there now, and it has the "Liked" button already checked, still nothing is showing up on my FB.

  2. Maybe if you 'like' my last 2 updates, you'll get more?

    I've seen mention before of fb's filtering of what you get. You don't get everything your friends post, I don't think.

    I've 'liked' the mathcircles page on fb, and I'm not sure I see every update on that. I just posted something there in hopes that will help fb know that I really want to see their stuff.

    If I figure this out, I'll post on fb about it.


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