Monday, June 15, 2009

5 Finds

1. Mega-math. The site is way old (and clearly states it's not maintained), but I like it... Yesterday at WIldcat I tried out the story-game of The Land of Many Ponds (playing with a graph theory sort of graph), where each of the 3 players goes different distances, and one is trying to escape while the other two are trying to meet up with it (all with good intentions). Some of them wanted to play a few more times. But we didn't get into much analysis... Today I'm going to try out the Usual Day at Unusual School, a play where some characters always tell the truth and some always lie.

2. Why Is Her Paycheck Smaller? Here's a great graph from an article in the NY Times. I'm wondering how to put together a good social justice math lesson from it.

3. Here are some gorgeous sculptures. A lot of the kids at Wildcat like art lots more than they like math. I'm going to collect all the mathy art sites (and artsy math sites) I find, and see what I can do with them next fall.

4. I thought about my much-loved game of Nim while reading back posts on Denise's Let's Play Math blog.

5. A comment on dy/dan's blog led me to this article on Habits of Mind.


  1. #3: i was surprised not to've found
    helaman ferguson in the list
    of geometry sculptors. anyhow,
    he's the guy i always used to hear about.

  2. It was just one sculptor I stumbled upon, whose work dazzled me. I wasn't as dazzled by the work in your link, but maybe that's because the photos are smaller.

  3. math art link in the _endeavour_ recently.

    i think ferguson's famous
    in my ex-circles because
    he got a phd in math somewhere.
    some of his stuff does look mighty cool though.


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