Saturday, June 6, 2009

Richmond (CA) Math Salon - Saturday, June 13, 2 to 5pm

Anyone local reading this, and want to join us?

Richmond Math Salon
Saturday, June 13
2 to 5pm

• All ages welcome. (Fun for kids 5 to 90.)

• Explore math in a fun, safe environment,
where no one will judge or grade you.

• A family math event:
You and your kids can explore math
in a way that works for each of you.

This is the 8th meeting of the Richmond Math Salon. We’ve circled around one full year, so our topic this month will be circles. As always, we’ll start with math-oriented puzzles and games, and then do a variety of activities, accessible to all ages, related to circles.

This monthly event is currently held in a small home, so please RSVP if you plan to come. The Richmond Math Salon is hosted by Sue VanHattum, a math professor at Contra Costa College.

Interested? Email me at, or call me at 236-8044 (before 8pm).


  1. 3 kids and 3 adults came. (Some of the people who were going to come had trouble figuring how how to get here.)

    We did Simon Says on the trampoline, like this.

    We did math stars, like this.

    We read Sir Cumference and the Isle of Immeter, with all its bad puns. ;>

    We played Knot Doctor. [All stand in a circle. All put out one hand and hold the hand of someone not next to you. Repeat with other hand, holding a new person's hand. Now try to untangle without letting go.]

    We had fun. :^)

  2. sounds amazing.
    long live math salons!

    the david van c (math stars) link...
    which i've seen somewhere before...
    led to anthoposophy pretty quick
    and reminded me i've somehow
    never mentioned the amazing
    owen barfield in our discussions.
    you've mentioned waldorf schools i think;
    barfield's writings are much the most
    interesting rudolf-stiener-related stuff
    i know.

    cool first name too.

  3. My son and I just read a good book with an interesting Owen in it. Becoming Naomi Leon, by Pam Muñoz Ryan. (Hey, I just guessed how to do the ñ, and it worked. How cool is that?! It was option n and then n.)

    Too small to be amazing. I've been more satisfied after the ones where I had about 15 people come.

    What's your favorite Barfield title?

  4. _history_in_english_words_ maybe.
    but also _worlds_apart_ and
    i still *haven't* seen
    but the title's just full of promise.
    "whatever you can first put your hand on"
    looks like a pretty good bet, actually.
    i learned of barfield from
    _the_future_does_not_compute_ (talbott),
    by the way... it's cited in the page i linked.

    i just cut-and-paste to get things
    like the tilde-over-n...
    that, or blow it off altogether.
    guess which one usually wins.


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