Friday, August 27, 2010

Day One: Changing the Paradigm With Good Activities

If you teach and your school year hasn't started yet, check out Jason's post at Always Formative describing his first few days. I want to find out more about the stereotype threat assignment, and I love the idea of getting brave volunteers to show something that didn't work. The handcuff idea sounds great, too.

My year has already started, but I'm bookmarking this for the beginning of next semester. He's teaching middle school and I'm teaching college, so I'll have to modify anything I use, but I'm looking forward to trying out some of his ideas in January.

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  1. Thanks Sue! I responded to your comment but thought I'd leave it here too so you can find it easier. Still planning to make it across the bridge for the math salon, although I think I have to wait for my daughter to get a titch older (just turned 4):
    The exact wording is in the supplementary documents if you want to read it:

    There a list of values to choose from (they're in the supplement, I changed a few to make them more appropriate for my kids). "Read the list of values below and choose two that are the most important to you. In a few sentences, write why these values are important to you. It might help to think of times when these values were particularly important to you. Focus on your thoughts and feelings, and don't worry about spelling, grammar, or how well written it is."

    My list:
    artistic ability
    doing well in school
    being in a club or team
    relationships with family
    religious values
    being environmentally conscious
    sense of humor
    athletic ability
    relationships with friends


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