Sunday, August 29, 2010

Math Circle Online (Part of the Math 2.0 Webinar Series)

Maria Droujkova has been doing a series of webinars once or twice a week for over a year now, on Math 2.0 (mainly math education online - the 2.0 refers to sites which allow and encourage participation). I've missed many exciting ones because it's hard for me to attend events while caring for my son, but lately he's become more independent, and has been better about playing quietly while I'm "in a meeting". You can see the whole list of past and future topics and speakers at the Math Future wiki.

I managed to make it to Dan Meyer's session on WCYDWT this past Wednesday evening, and loved it. (You can still watch the recording of it.) But I wanted to speak up for those of us who either don't feel we'll ever be able to shine like he does with multi-media problems, or don't have the proper equipment in our classrooms. So I asked to do a session myself.

Please join me for  Math Circles: Low Tech, High Engagement - Good for Classroom Use?  at 2pm Eastern time / 11am Pacific time, on Saturday, September 4. I'll conduct a math circle for the first part of the session. (If you haven't seen the problem before, you get to participate. If you have seen it before, you get to watch a math circle in action.) Then I'll host a discussion about how it went, how it might go if done in a class, and what topics in the curriculum might lend themselves to math circle format. We may also want to discuss what other low-tech ideas folks have, and how we can deeply engage students through both low and high tech methods.

I am not yet as good at leading math circles as I'd like to be, but maybe doing one online will bring out the best in me. If you'd like to see video recordings of my mentors, watch Bob or Ellen Kaplan in their math circle demonstrations at the Great Circles conference held at MSRI (Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, in Berkeley) in 2009.

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