Monday, November 29, 2010

More from James Tanton, on Twitter

Yeah, I have a Twitter account, but I seldom check it out. I don't see the point, usually. But I just discovered that James Tanton (jamestanton) is tweeting interesting problems. Hmm, can I get those delivered to my Google Reader, or something?

Republic of Math blogged about James' question regarding n plus square root of n: Can it ever round to a perfect square? (It's answered at the blog post, so you might want to play with it before clicking through.)

When I went to Twitter this morning, James' latest question was:
60houses in a row. 3 roof colors cycle in 3. 4 door colors cycle in 4. 5trim colors cycle in 5. Every house unique roof,door,trim color set?

He had to really squeeze to get that one in the 140 characters, didn't he? 

Thanks for feeding us some good math, James!


  1. Sue, if you go to the twitter page, the bottom of the blue info column on the right contains a link to the rss feed. You can paste that into the subscribe function on Google Reader.

  2. That doesn't work for me on this computer (an old mac). Maybe I can set it up from my other computer.

  3. You can subscribe by using the search function and cut-and-paste the URL as the subscription. Try if you only want to get James's tweets.

    If you want everything on the #math hashtag, then!/search/%23math should do the trick!


  4. the "chinese remainder theorem" (wi'dia).

    i don't tweet either... i think it's for people with fancy phones or something. i've set it up but never use it. i don't like to think of my posts as going by in a moment. my blogposts put a link in my twitterfeed automatically so i pick up a couple readers sometimes. for that matter, i don't "google reader". i don't "get" feeds. (or "tabs" in these newfangled browsers). actually, i miss text-only web browsing if the truth were known. why do i have to keep reading these technical manuals?

  5. my link is broken evidently. trying again.
    owen compulsive-commenter thomas
    (mark 1.0)

  6. my link appears to be broken.
    w'edia on CRT might get it.
    owen obsessive-commenter thomas
    (mark 1.0)


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