Friday, December 3, 2010

Gift Ideas

My local friends get strawberry jam from Swanton Berry Farms, that tastes like fresh strawberries. And I usually make a pot of holiday mushrooms (recipe below). But those aren't math gifts...

I like getting used books for people I know will enjoy them, and I buy them through Better World Books whenever I can. (They get library rejects back into circulation, and contribute to literacy causes.)

The Cat In Numberland (4 to adult, review)
You Can Count on Monsters (4 to adult, review)
The Man Who Counted (4 to adult)
Quack and Count (1 to 5 years old)
Anno's Counting House (4 to 7 years old?)
How Hungry Are You? (4 to 10, reviews of last 3)

Katamino (review)

Chocolate Fix
Rush Hour

Snap Circuits

Keva or Kapla blocks (expensive)

These are only my most favorite math things...

Holiday Mushrooms
most of a bottle of Burgundy wine
4 or 5 pounds of mushrooms
3 sticks of butter
3-5 bullion cubes or tablespoons of 'Better Than Bullion'

Wash the mushrooms. Only cut stems off if they're really hard. Put in a big pot with the rest. Cook for 8 hours. Your house will smell good, and they taste fabulous! (Don't forget the toothpicks.)


  1. Nice list of games. We love Set. How much fun can you have with a deck of cards so many times. A lot.

    Thinking about Chocolate Fix for the kids for Christmas.

  2. OMG. 3/4 lb butter, bottle of wine, & mushrooms!?! Why don't I have friends like you? :-D

  3. I had my solstice party last night, and I forgot to put out the mushrooms (there were a few left from Thanksgiving that I froze and recently thawed). I also forgot to give out the jars of strawberry jam.

    I guess I was having too much fun playing with the kids. I got Citiblocs (same as Kapla and Keva) for my son's school, myself, and him. I opened my box last night to share with the kids.

    If you're close enough, come on over and help me finish off those leftovers, April. (But really, they're so easy! If you can't drive over, just make some yourself - you'll be glad you did.)

  4. @April,I just looked at your food blog. I'll show it to my parents when I get to Michigan. I think they'll like it. I couldn't find your email. If you want a recipe book I put together, I can email it to you. I'm suevanhattum on hotmail.


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