Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blanking on Tests

When a student tells me they blanked on the test, and couldn't do what they normally can, I'm never sure if it's really test anxiety (like they're describing) or if they just don't prepare well enough. I often talk to them about being super-well prepared, but I also point them to Math Relax, the guided visualization I made a few years ago.

If you have students who've built up lots of anxiety around math tests, you might want to recommend that they try this.

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  1. Indeed this is one issue quite a few of my students have to grapple with as well.I have realised to a large extent it is attributed to personal expectations to do well which creates enormous stress resulting in this mind blanking out syndrome. To get them to relax before a crucial paper is easier said than done, and I have been experimenting with various "stay cool" methods for my charges because no one size fits all. Just some food for thought. Peace.


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