Thursday, September 8, 2011

Richmond Math Salon - Saturday, September 17, 2 to 5pm

Yesterday I explored a bunch of comic making sites. This one was the easiest to use, but the writing looks pretty bad. had nicer writing, but skinny characters. The others I saw also had character styles I didn't like. Anyone know of a free comic making site I might like better?

No theme this month, since it's my first time after about 3 months off. Just fun with math games and puzzles. Email me at suevanhattum on the hot mail system for more information. Or call me in the 510 area code at 236-80 four four.

Want to see what it's like? Check out this great video.


  1. Comic Life is not free - but very easy to use. You can download a free full version which you can trial for 30 days! The site is:

  2. Thanks, Jeff. Unfortunately, it looks like they just do a windows version, and I'm on a Mac. But I just realized how I might be able to do it without a comic-maker program. Hmm...


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