Thursday, August 2, 2012

Book Progress: Playing With Math

(This is a preliminary sketch...)
I got new copies of my manuscript printed yesterday. Every time I do that, I'm so excited. I love holding the book in my hands.

Here's our table of contents. There are still a few minor changes expected, but as you can see, it's pretty complete at this point. (The most glaring absence in the manuscript now is the lack of artwork. That's coming.)

   Playing With Math: 
      Stories from Math Circles, Homeschoolers, 
      and Passionate Teachers


Preface                                                                                          9
Introduction                                                                               13

Section 1. Math Circles and More: Celebrating Math
Section Introduction                                                                    19
The Art of Inquiry: A Very Young Math Circle, Julia Brodsky  23
   Game: Dotsy, Leonard Pitt, Cinda Heeren, & Tom Magliery  30
Rejoicing in Confusion, Maria Droujkova                                   31
   Game: Parent Bingo, Maria Droujkova                                    35
Parents and Kids Together, Sue VanHattum                                37
   Puzzle: Alien Math, Amanda Serenevy                                    45
Bionic Algebra Adventures, Colleen King                                   47
   Story: Alexandria Jones in Egypt, Denise Gaskins                        53
The Oakland Math Circle: A First Iteration, Jamylle Carter       59
   Game: Fantastic Four, Exploratorium Staff                              64
A Culture of Enthusiasm for Math, Amanda Serenevy               65
   Puzzle: Vertices, Edges, and Faces, Amanda Sernevy              67
Seized By a Good Idea, Stephen Kennedy                                  69
   Puzzle: Math Without Words #1, James Tanton                        75
A Prison Math Circle, Bob and Ellen Kaplan                             77
   Puzzle: Math Without Words #2, James Tanton                       80
Agents of Math Circles, Mary O’Keeffe                                    83
   Puzzle: Food for Thought, Jan Nordgreen                               88
The Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival, Nancy Blachman     89
   Saint Mary’s Math Contest Sampler, Br. Alfred Brousseau    91
   Exploration: Candy Conundrum, Joshua Zucker                     91
A Young Voice: Consider the Circle, Elisa Vanett                       93

Section 2. Homeschoolers Do Math
Section Introduction                                                                    97
Tying It All Together, Julie Brennan                                           99
   Puzzle: Pigeons Everywhere, Jan Nordgreen                         107
A Few Questions Answered, Julie Brennan                              109
   Puzzles: Fun With Basic Arithmetic                                      116
Transitioning to Living Math, Jimmie Lanley                           117
   Game: Math Card War, Denise Gaskin                                  123
Learning From My Kids, Melanie Hayes                                 125
   Puzzle: Self-Referential Puzzle #1, Jack Webster                  140
One and a Quarter Pizzas, Holly Graff                                      141
   Game:                [this one needs written permission]             146
The Math Haters Come Around, Tiffani Bearup                       147
   Puzzle: Magic Hexagon, Michael Hartley                              154
Mapping the Familiar, Malke Rosenfeld                                   155
   Puzzle: Function Machine                                                      157
Radically Sensible Ideas, Pam Sorooshian                                 159
   Game: Place Value Risk                                                          168
A Young Voice: An Unschooler at College, Lavinia Karl          169

Section 3. Bringing Our Passion Into the Classroom
Section Introduction                                                                  173
Trust, Montessori Style, Pilar Bewley                                      181
   Puzzle: Foxes and Rabbits, Sue VanHattum                          187
Math In Your Feet, Malke Rosenfeld                                       189
   Puzzle: Is This for Real? Photo by Avery Pickford               197
Dinosaur Math, Michelle Martin                                              199
   Story: The Imaginary Carousel, Levshin and Alexandrova    201
Blogging Towards Better Teaching, Kate Nowak                     207
   Puzzle: Will 2010 Be Another 1989? Jan Nordgreen             211
Putting Myself in My Students’ Shoes, Allison Cuttler            213
   Puzzle: A Little Math Magic, Jonathan Halabi                      216
An Argument Against the Real World, Friedrich Knauss         217
   Puzzle: Octopus Logic, Tanya Khovanova                            219
Area of a Circle, Fawn Nguyen                                                 221
   Exploration: Coloring Cubes, Joshua Zucker                         223
Textbook Free: Kicking the Habit, Chris Shore                         225
   Puzzle: What Number Am I? Jonathan Halabi                       228
Math Is Not Linear, Alison Forster                                            229
A young voice: Geometric Delights, Luyi Zhang                      237

Section 4. Resources                                                                245
Part 1. The Wealth Online
Introduction                                                                               247
Maria Droujkova, Electronic Commons                                   253
The Game of Math Goes Online, Colleen King                        257

Part 2. Who’s Doing Math? Making Change
Introduction                                                                               263
Debunking Math Myths, Sue VanHattum                                 259
Supporting Girls, Sue VanHattum                                             265
How to Become Invisible, Bob Kaplan                                             273

Part 3. Finding & Doing More
Sue’s Book Picks                                                                       275
Starting a Math Club, Circle, or Other Math Alternative         281
A Note on Online Sites (and a few more links)                        284
Hints for Puzzles                                                                       285

Conclusion of the Book                                                          287

References                                                                                  300
Meet the Authors                                                                        301
Acknowledgements                                                                    309
Index [coming]                                                                           310

You can follow the book's progress on the Playing With Math Facebook page if you'd like. 


  1. Huh? I never could have done this without using google's searching capabilities.

    Owen, I want you to know how much your support has meant to me. (You're in the acknowledgements.)

  2. Am I really 2 pages away from Tanya Khovanova and Joshua Zucker?! You rock my world, Sue! I can't wait.

  3. Fawn, you make my day! Thanks for your enthusiasm!


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