Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meet the New Bloggers (week 1)

With so many new bloggers, it's hard to imagine reading all their posts. I get to read just 8 of them carefully, and introduce them to you. Without further ado, meet Carey, Janet, Amy, Dan, Nolan, NB, Jeff, and Michelle.

Carey Lehner (@careylehner), blogging at  I am a Teacher.  This is my Journey., wrote Learning Logs. Here's how Carey sums it up: I am going to try and incorporate learning logs as my closer to the class.  I am hoping they will help students become more reflective learners.  I am also hoping that by reading their reflections I will become a better teacher.
I also think it will help me improve my skills as a teacher by reading what works well and what doesn't for the students.
(Sue here...) I'd like to get my students writing more. After all the other changes I've implemented have become more routine, perhaps I can use the writing prompts Carey suggests.

Janet Villani (, blogging at jvillani, wrote My endless search for iPad apps. Here's how she sums it up: I'm implementing iPads into my classroom.  My post talks about different apps to use.   
I was looking for apps that allowed for collaboration, communication and exploration.
No iPads in my life (yet), so I can't use these suggestions.What's your favorite?

Amy Zimmer,  blogging at Ms. Z Teaches in Mathland, wrote Week 1 of the blogging initiative. Here's how she sums it up: Sorting out your activities by days of the week, and, oh, an introduction.
To those of you, like me, can get overwhelmed by all the deliciousness of curricula and how to deliver it, I offer you this one bit of advice...
Amy has students make up their own word problems. She gave an example for systems of equations using cafeteria food. Cool.

Dan Bowdoin (@danbowdoin), blogging at Technology Integration for Math Engagement, wrote It's All About TIME! Here's how he sums it up: This post is all about how TIME was started. Through the inspiration of writing tech grants for my classroom, I took to the blogosphere to look for more information. This journey has led me to discover so many new tools and ideas, and I now enjoy taking the time to share my TIME ideas with you.
I recognized the need to lead by example.
It looks like Dan has some good ideas about writing grant proposals.

Nolan (@ncd5y), blogging at Classroom Rationalizations, wrote Shopping at Lowe's (and New Year, New Challenges - he couldn't stop at just 1). Here's how he sums it up: My post talks about using 2 coupons for Lowe's to learn about systems of equations.
Ultimately, I think the students will be able to make connections with all the different representations in a natural and intuitive way.
I can use this to help my pre-calc students review linear equations. I'll tell them about the coupons my buddy Nolan got at Lowes, and ask which they'd prefer $10 off of 10% off. I may use this on Monday! Thanks, Nolan.

Nutter Buttersmith (@reminoodle), blogging at The MathSmith, wrote Why I am Nutter Buttersmith/The MathSmith. Here's how she sums it up: My blogpost is a story of how I became Nutter Buttersmith and The MathSmith.  This includes how I started blogging and how I discovered the math blogging community.
So, that, in a nutshell is how I became both Nutter Buttersmith and The MathSmith!
Looks like NB enjoys her puns. Following.

Jeff de Varona (@devaron3), blogging at The Problem Bank, wrote Eight (yes 8!) Goals for This School Year. Here's how he sums it up: Every year I make a few teaching goals, but this year I've got EIGHT.  This post is the result of the past year I've spent on Twitter, since every one of these goals has Twitter-influence written all over it.  SBAR, whiteboarding, passions, videos...I'll need help, but I can't wait to get started.
I try to create an environment where it’s understood that we are all learning together, and that mistakes are another tool to help us learn.
My favorites are #2, improved questioning and mathematical discourse, and #6, continue to celebrate mistakes.

Michelle Riley,  blogging at A Year of Growth, wrote Why "A Year of Growth"? Here's how she sums it up: This post provides insight into the title of my blog and the importance of growth in teaching.  It also reflects on why I have been trying to blog.
I titled this blog "A Year of Growth" because I wanted to remind myself that each and every year is an opportunity to grow; to grow as an instructor, to grow as a mentor, to grow as an individual.
Michelle also wrote, "I ... believe that this is the best professional development I have had over the last 3 years." Yep, me too. And what a good way to close. May we all enjoy our teaching and our guerrilla professional  development this year.

Update: Posts featuring all the other bloggers participating in the first week of the Math Blogging Initiation: Julie, Fawn, Anne, Megan, Bowman, Sam, Lisa, John, @druinok, Tina, and Kate.

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