Saturday, September 15, 2012

Get Ready: September 25 is Math Storytelling Day

Maria Droujkova made it up in 2009, as a birthday present to herself. September 25th is my birthday too, and I loved the idea. So now I'd love to get lots of presents - math stories you all write. Here's my post on Math Storytelling Day 2 years ago. (I must have been too busy last year?)

If you'd like some inspiration, read The Man Who Counted, The Number Devil,  or Math Curse.

Poems are good, too.


  1. I've read The Number Devil (select passages) and Math Curse to my 6th graders. Best part is with the latter, the kids make their own math curse stories and we comb-bind the pages into a book! I'll write a post on this as a birthday gift to you, Sue! I love your imaginary number poem! And I have to get The Man Who Counted.

  2. Now I see we are supposed to write the stories ourselves - I'll give it a shot, but meanwhile here's a delightful one I found. Perfect for my class to have fun with fractions after a time of protracted struggle.

    A Fair Sharing

  3. Great story! Basically the same story is in one of the chapters of The Man Who Counted, too.

    Every new story I see is a gift given, and I thank you for it. (But if you manage to write one, you will have given yourself a gift, too, I think.)


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