Thursday, May 2, 2013

Calculus Teacher Extraordinaire: Bowman Dickson

I don't usually do this, and maybe everyone who reads my blog (and cares about calculus) already reads Bowman's blog, and knows how amazing he is. But I've been quietly filing away about half of his posts, and today I just had to tell the world - Bowman Dickson rocks!

I don't save the posts about using whiteboards, even though that's cool, or the ones about review strategies, though you might find something great there. I save the projects (I already do one like this, but am eager to compare to Bowman's experience), models (I want to build these), and cool problems (I used this last week).

I can't find years on his blog, but he's been posting good stuff for at least four years now. You could play around in his archives for hours. His main blog is Bowman in Arabia (he teaches at a boarding school in Jordan). He started a new blog, Bowmanimal180, in September, on which he posts "a picture and a few sentences about every day of class for a whole year." Both are fabulous repositories of great ideas.

I cannot do his blogs justice (got to get on to grading and prep), so do yourself a favor and check them out.

Bowman, I wish my high school math teachers would have been more like you!

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