Tuesday, May 21, 2013

6th Annual Math Circle Summer Teacher Training Institute at Notre Dame

This is the most math fun I've ever had. I went three years in a row, and then decided I had to branch out, and do something else with my summer. (I went to Maria Andersen's fabulous tech training that year.) I missed the Institute so much I found a way to go back the next summer. And I am now officially going this summer! I can't wait to meet all the new people who will be there. My buddy JD2718, for one.

Why come?

  • Math - There will be at least one problem you never saw before, I betcha.
  • Very good food (I don't think it's organic, but it's amazingly good, and there's so much to choose from!)
  • Math - Morning math circles will get your brain humming, and introduce you to a style of teaching and learning that makes me smile all over.
  • Walking all over Notre Dame's huge campus - You'll be tired, but happy.
  • Math - Amanda brings lots of cool books and math toys. I'll be once again trying to make the origami thing that takes 30 or so sonobe units.
  • Great companions - besides our fearless leaders, there's me and JD2718, and Dan Goldner. And you'll meet other great people there, I just don't know who they'll be yet.
  • Math - You'll get to (have to?) run your own math circle session with local kids. I'm a slow learner, and didn't feel like I got it right until my fourth attempt, last year. You also get to watch other people run theirs. It makes it all real.
  • Swimming pools and other gym stuff - I love swimming in the early morning, when I'm still half asleep, because it's 4am here in California. Oh yeah.
  • Math - You can even do math in the evening. We've had some great problem sessions in our dorm in the evenings.
  • Here's what I had to say about the previous years: (I hadn't started my blog yet for the first year), year two, year three, year four, year five.

Are you dying to know the details?

  • Sunday, July 7 to Saturday, July 13
  • $850 includes accommodations and food
  • To apply, email Bob and Ellen Kaplan (kaplan@math.harvard.edu)
  • Official Info on The Math Circle Site

Here's something that bears repeating:
The participants range from folks whose math skills had me intimidated (I am so over that now!) to people who are just beginning to discover the joys of math. We all worked together, and no one expected you to know things you didn't.

Please join us.

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