Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fun Question from Michelle at Prairie Creek Community School

"Recently in math, we were working on the Deka Tree, a tree that has 10 trunks with 10 branches with 10 twigs with 10 leaves.  One trunk, one branch, one twig, and one leaf is cut many leaves are left?"

I found this question in Michelle's post about doing Forest School. And she talked more about it in this post.

I have over fifty tabs open with interesting goodies. I hope to find time soon to sort them out and share...


  1. i make it 9 trunks, 89 branches, 889 twigs, & 8889 leaves. the statement is unclear and i'm at least as drunk as usual. so i make no wild claims about correctness. how many were going to saint ives? good to see you still at it, sue v.

  2. i like this a lot. "profound concepts of number" is somewhat creepy, to be sure. but these are matters of taste. /*This type of problem is called a "Low threshold, high ceiling" problem because it can be approached in many different ways and all students can successfully work on it. There are profound concepts of number that can be explored by students who are ready for that sophistication...but there is just as valuable work to be done by students who are exploring trying to conceptualize (or even draw) such big numbers.*/


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