Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Cat in Numberland is Back in Print

One of my favorite mathy kids' books is back in print. In The Cat in Numberland we visit Hotel Infinity, with its infinite rooms, all full and yet they always seem to be able to make room for new guests.

Good for ages 5 to adult. (It's $19.95 plus over $9 shipping. I think they should charge less for this slim volume, but this book is so wonderful, it's worth it.)


  1. Glad to see it back in print! Hardcovers are always expensive. Once it gets into the distribution system, though, people should be able to get it with lower shipping.

  2. I assumed paperback, because that's what it was before. Interesting.

  3. They're probably hoping to get into libraries with the hardcover. They may also release a paperback for the general market, but probably not until they think they've milked the hardback trade for all it's worth.

  4. thanks! just requested it from my library!


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