Friday, February 24, 2023

Althea's Math Mysteries

 I've been working for a few years on Althea and the Mystery of the Imaginary Numbers. It's almost ready for the illustrator. But I wanted to dive deeper into the characters, and started working on the second book in the series, Althea and the Mysteries of Pi. I'm about 80 pages in on my first (very rough) draft. It has been a blast writing this, because I pretty much know where I'm headed. (Although sometimes I worry that there's too much math, and not enough character development. And then I back up and think about Althea, Kiara, Sofia, and Aiden some more.)

Today I wanted a good place to put links that the book refers to, so I made a temporary website for all the books. It's a google site (for now). And I made mock-ups for the book covers. It helps me to organize my thoughts, and it is super exciting to see. So even though the books won't be published for another year (or 2?), maybe this will tantalize you. Here's the site for Althea's Math Mysteries.

When this book is pretty much done, I'll start working on the third one, Althea and the Mysteries of Infinity. I have lots of ideas for that one, but they have no structure. I have no idea where I'll start or end. 

When I'm all done, and these 3 books are published, maybe I'll have realized that there are more books in the series. For now, it's looking like just the three.


  1. Althea's Math Mysteries is so cool;)

  2. I'm glad you think so. Were you one of my readers for an early version of the first book?


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