Monday, August 24, 2009

Finding More Good Math Talk

My blog list in Google Reader is long. I'm making it longer today. samjshah wrote about making resolutions for the school year, and Kate mentioned "...blogs we all read". I wanted to have a list of all the math teacher blogs. Sam pointed to a list at Moving Forward. They both said looking at people's blogrolls is better than any attempt at a comprehensive list. But the list at Moving Forward is great. Maybe Scott McLeod is weeding out the not-so-great ones.

I'm not even halfway through it and I've already found:
Solving Problems at Kiss My Asymptotes
• A cool calculator trick that goes well with the 2 payment plans (linear and exponential increase) problem, at Math Teacher Mambo. (I can't get a link for just that post. It's in July.)
Second Time Around, a fun experiment I'll use with my stat classes, at Continuities

Enough for one day! I've added the blogroll widget so you can see my list.

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