Saturday, March 19, 2011

Contest: Find Math in Your City

"If you know a good location that tells a fun mathematical story — a piece of interesting architecture, a mathematical sculpture or the maths behind something more mundane, such as traffic lights — then enter our competition and tell us all about it."                   [from the Maths in the City site]

Sounds a lot like Math Trails (examples from South Bend and National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa) or Math Trek. Some day I'd like to help set one of these up around here.

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  1. I am not joining in - but I am tempted.

    In New York City, fire escapes are ubiquitous. They are a metal staircase, landing even with each floor, can be reached from one column of windows. But the last set of stairs (from 2 to the ground) is folded up.

    Can you climb limitlessly high on a fire escape? Yes, if you can do two things:
    1. You can reach the first landing.
    2. You can climb a flight of metal stairs.

    (our alternate, NYC-style model for proof by induction)



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