Saturday, March 12, 2011

Richmond Math Salon Next Saturday - Math Magic

The next math salon will be on Saturday, March 19 (2 to 5, as usual). Participants will learn a few mathematically-based magic tricks, and why they work. We'll also see if we can make up variations on these tricks.
  • We'll play Guess My Number, and each child will get a set of the 5 cards used. We'll explore base 2 counting to see why this works. [To do this, the 'magician' needs to be able to add numbers up to 31.]
  • Anyone who really likes this game can make a more advanced version which uses base 3.
  • We'll play a Card Flip game which uses any deck of cards. (Please bring your favorite deck.) [To do this one, the 'magician' needs to be able to recognize odd and even.]
  • We'll play number games you can always win (if you know the secret)!
Sound fun? Let me know if you can join us by emailing me at suevanhattum on that not-cold-mail system. (Am I outsmarting the spambots?)  ;^)

[Here's a great video of the math salon about this time last year.]


  1. Oscar was just asking when the next one would be; he enjoyed it so much. Unfortunately, we have a church event in the morning and a family event in the evening, so the kids need to rest in the afternoon. Have a great time, and we'll see you next month!

  2. Hi Laura, good to hear from you! Sorry you'll have to miss it. I'm skipping April (traveling over Spring Break), so it'll be May unless we get together some other time.

  3. Can you send me more specific directions for these games? (I might want to incorporate them into a Julia Robinson activity if you're willing.)

  4. Sent in email. I can post here after Saturday for others...


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