Sunday, March 20, 2011

Playing Around...

I use sitemeter to keep track of how many people visit my blog. You'll see it at the very bottom of the page. It keeps track of a few other things, and I was exploring some of those this morning. 'Recent visitors by referrals' showed me how people get here. I found a few blogs that have me on a blogroll. (Thank you!) And I also found a few google searches.

I was glad to see someone searching for 'murder mystery math', which got them a project I use when teaching about exponential functions and logarithms. I also saw that someone had been searching for 'pythagorean triples for kids'. They got this post, which isn't for kids, because Math With My Kids is on my blogroll. I looked at the other results of that google search, and found this cool bunch of pythagorean puzzles, on Dr. Mike's Math Games for Kids Blog. That looks like the best answer for the person's query. There seem to be lots more goodies on his blog - I'm subscribing.


  1. As a new blogger, I get a little giddy when a new country shows up on my stats map. And I have found a few interesting blogs by looking at the traffic feeds occasionally. But most of the data doesn't do much for me: it tells me how many people have visited my blog today and the posts they clicked on to read, but I have no sense, without a multitude of comments, whether what I wrote was worth reading or just something they said "Eh!," and then moved on to the next feed in their reader.

  2. Sitemeter has something that shows the average time someone stayed. If that goes up after a particular post, I'd guess it meant it was a post people read carefully and thought about.

    I noticed there were some big ups and downs on that for me.

    (I just subscribed to your blog.)


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