Thursday, May 10, 2012

MIT is promoting Lure of the Labyrinth Challenge

This looks interesting...

A 'teacher' has to sign up for a group of at least 4 students. Homeschoolers may want to join together to sign up.

Lure of the Labyrinth
The Education Arcade at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has announced the Lure of the Labyrinth Challenge, a free online math challenge for grades 6-8.

While playing Lure of the Labyrinth, students use mathematical thinking skills to progress through a compelling graphic-novel story. 

There is no cost involved to participate in the challenge, which runs through June 15.  Since the game is web-based, students can play at home or at school, in the classroom, computer lab, library, or after-school program.

Visit to sign-up for the Challenge!


  1. I'm a 6th grade math teacher and I've used Lure of the Labyrinth for about 2 years now. My students love it for the graphic novel feel and the games and I love it for the mathematical thinking! I didn't know about the challenge though (we'd been focusing on some of our other game sites recently), so I'm so glad you mentioned it! Thanks!

  2. And thank you for letting me (and others) know it's good. I was relying on my intuition, and have no personal experience with it. I"m glad to know it was a good pick.


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